Kaohsiung ‧ Liuhe Night Market Liuhe Night Market is located in Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung Railway Station Liuhe night market from about 10 minutes away, along the mountain straight after turn right to Liuhe Road can be reached. During the day there is a straight road, a busy bustling at night, dazzling variety of local delicious food, affordable domestic and foreign tourists are attracted, high visibility, has been listed as Night Market. Related Links
Kaohsiung ‧ Urban Spotlight Urban Spotlight situated between Kaohsiung Wufu Road, Zhongshan Road and Zhonghua Road, Urban Spotlight English called Urban Spotlight total length of 150 meters by Jun Lin Xi, Su Zhi, Toru, Lin Lihua, CHEN Ming-hui, Huang Wenyong, Panda Qian, Liu Suxing, Wang Guoyi, Chen Jianming, etc. Kaohsiung cooperation program in nine to the artist to "light" theme, creating a series of works; Urban Spotlight at end of July 2001 start, completed in September the same year, October 1 officially lighting enabled. Related Links
Kaohsiung ‧ Love River Love gossip from Kaohsiung Jen Wu Liu Pi Tam, farmland irrigation channels; love flowing through the left camp, San Min, Gushan, Yancheng, the former gold, Lingya districts injected first port of Kaohsiung, the mainstream is about 12 km , flows through the Kaohsiung area of about 10.5 km, the river of life Kaohsiung; love has three tributaries: "Sarah ditch" ─ water from a freshwater river in Aozihdi injection in love, "three river house" ─ by the San Min three resting zone after the South TD national Road injected in love, "Dagang Creek Canal" ─ originated Wukuaicuo, Seven sages bridge injection in love, after recovery had straightened. Related Links
Kaohsiung ‧New Horie Kaohsiung Shinkuchan is located in the emerging area of business district on both sides of the street all kinds of fine aggregate, clothing, avant-garde style synchronized fashion with Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, in addition to all kinds of snacks stalls, rallied again starting Shinkuchan district , it has become the favorite of young people in southern Taiwan's popular shopping malls, its courage like Taipei "Ximending" young consumer groups popular shopping paradise. Related Links